The Median House Price in Irish Counties

It's easy to suspect that Dublin and surrounding commuter counties have the highest median house prices, but what about the rest of the country?

Read below to find out!

Leitrim has the cheapest houses, with a median price of €150,00. Roscommon is not far off, with a median sales cost of €160,000.

Cork and Galway are at the other end of the scale. In Cork, the typical sales price is €306,000, with Galway homes selling for €290,000.

Around county Dublin and its commuting counties of Wicklow, Meath and Kildare, prices are higher than the national median.

Prices nationally have been shooting up since 2013, when the median price of a residential property was around €130,000.

Now to County Mayo... Mayo are in the same boat as Louth and Tipperary, with prices jumping between 15% and 16% compared to last year.

Laois have surged by 22% when compared with a year ago. In Longford, prices shot up by 21.4%, and in Clare, house prices did not change at all!

The median price for an existing house in County Mayo is 185k, with a new house costing 327k.